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WebHR Discussions

Can the corporate world put shackles on their employees? There are often too many restrictions and barriers hindering an effective communication between the employees. The x factor of a strong team that can face any challenge that comes its way is missing. A lot of it comes from the fact that the legal framework of companies bound them to stick to a certain set of rules. Contrary to the common corporate belief that too much communication is not beneficial for productivity, there are teams of employees working for small businesses which communicate at all levels and tackle problems as a combine force.

This is where Human Resource jumps in. It can and has been a very effective and at times only medium of communication for small businesses to large corporations where the hierarchy is more complicated.

The SaaS based market has been deficient in producing such smart tools previously, however these days the research in these areas have led to a conclusion that, building effective communication tools within a system is indispensable. Years of studies prove that if communication relating the daily problems faced by company are to be given a platform it would increase the efficiency and decrease work load of the employees.

WebHR has made an innovation by providing a platform where employees can communicate effectively and efficiently. “Discussions” in WebHR is a great way to engage your employees to interact with one another by not just asking questions but also by starting discussions.

Its like “Quora” but for your employees within your WebHR. So what are you waiting for? Start building your company Knowledge Base by inviting your employees to make the most out of this new module.

WebHR Inbox

We are pleased to announce the launch of a New & Improved Messages System in WebHR | WebHR Inbox.

WebHR Inbox allows one-on-one communication as well as group conversations. Messages can be moved to a folder or deleted altogether. Employees can reply to a message, which will be shared with all recipients by email and in their Inbox.


WebHR in the Cloud

We are moving WebHR to the Cloud.

On February 05, 2012, we are moving WebHR from regular hosting to a better, faster and more reliable cloud-based hosting. This will not only improve our service, but will be able to cater all of the future growth needs that WebHR will require in the future, considering the massive growth it has been recently receiving.

During this migration process, there may be some minor hickups, but our engineers are working hard to make the migration process as smooth as possible.

If you find anything unusual in the next few days with WebHR – please inform us at [email protected]

WebHR Partner Program

We’re glad to announce the launch of WebHR Partner Program, where everyone with a website, a blog, facebook profile, linked in profile, or just an email address can apply and earn 20% monthly revenue share from businesses they refer to WebHR.

WebHR Partner Program is a great opportunity for those who can attract small & medium businesses to use our cloud based service, in return they can earn big bucks. So the next question is, how much can you earn from just 2 basic sign ups per month ?

Lets do the maths…

Monthly cost for 1 Basic Sign Up = $ 99.00
20% of $ 99.00 = $ 19.8

$ 19.8 x 2 = $39.6

You get $ 39.6 each month for as long as your client stays with WebHR. Now it all depends on how many clients you bring in. Simple as that 🙂

For more details & to sign up for WebHR Partner Program, please visit:


What is Web Human Resource (WebHR) ?

Web Human Resource (WebHR) is an indispensable tool for small & medium organizations. WebHR is a reliable yet affordable tool not just for an HR manager, but for each employee in the organization. WebHR will become an essential tool of “human resources” in the organization that will create true paperless work environment. WebHR will not only save money to the organizations, but will also boost productivity, save space and make inter and intra office communications fast, reliable and more efficient.

WebHR is a cloud based human resource management system (hrms) that facilitates all functions of the Human Resource Department that deals with recruitment, employees’ management, payroll, performance, training etc. In fact, WebHR can be used to simplify the daily tasks involved in the HR Department. It acts as a bridge between human resource management and information technology and allows enterprises to automate many aspects of human resource management, with the dual benefits of reducing the workload of the HR department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing HR processes.

Effectively managing Human Resource is a task that requires an orderly approach. Organized files, strong time management skills and personal efficiency are key ingredients of an HR department, because they deal with people’s lives and careers all the time. WebHR converts human resources information into a digital format, allowing that information to be added to the knowledge management systems of the organization. The result of this is that HR data can be turned into useful information that can cater the needs of any other department within the organization. In analyzing organization wide resource usage this data can prove valuable. Data related to the time usage of the workforce can enhance the decision making abilities of management, allowing the HR department to form an integral aspect of strategy formation for the organization as a whole.

WebHR is a perfect Human Resource Solution that enables automatic processing of human resource functions, tracking and monitoring of human resource data, creation of templates, forms and customary reports. It also enables streamlining of essential data such as employee benefits and performance analysis, which in turn reduces the management cost considerably.

WebHR is an Online HR Software that enables users to view and compare benefits as well as make enrollment changes. It facilitates them to update personnel information, view current and previous payroll information, and generate real-time benefit statements at the touch of a button.

Benefits of an Online HR Software

I’m faced with this question almost every day, what are the benefits of using Web Human Resource | Online HR Software compared to other desktop applications out there, and my answer always comes from one or more of the following points:

  • Online Web-Based System (easily accessible from everywhere)
  • No downloading / installation needed – ready to use on any computer with Internet
  • Centralized Online Database – Interactive On-the-Fly Reporting
  • Easy to Use – User-Friendly Interface
  • Very Cost Effective, No initial investment required
  • Auto-reminders through e-mail
  • Integrated modules (Recruitment, Employees, Payroll, Trainings etc)
  • Easy to Generate Employees Payroll
  • System log to keep track of every user action from his/her IP address
  • Quick short-listing of job recruitment candidates
  • Online job portal – Integrated with organization’s existing website
  • Comprehensive Reporting with Graphs
  • Faster roll-out of sophisticated software updates