WebHR Partner Program

We’re glad to announce the launch of WebHR Partner Program, where everyone with a website, a blog, facebook profile, linked in profile, or just an email address can apply and earn 20% monthly revenue share from businesses they refer to WebHR.

WebHR Partner Program is a great opportunity for those who can attract small & medium businesses to use our cloud based service, in return they can earn big bucks. So the next question is, how much can you earn from just 2 basic sign ups per month ?

Lets do the maths…

Monthly cost for 1 Basic Sign Up = $ 99.00
20% of $ 99.00 = $ 19.8

$ 19.8 x 2 = $39.6

You get $ 39.6 each month for as long as your client stays with WebHR. Now it all depends on how many clients you bring in. Simple as that 🙂

For more details & to sign up for WebHR Partner Program, please visit: