How Loyal Are Your Employees ?

employeesloyaltyThe workplace science and chemistry is directly reflective of inner harmony or devotion of an employee towards their employers. A strong allegiance often is a result of constant and untiring efforts on both, the employee and employers end. As of today, hiring is not that big of a hurdle as compared to engagement and retention of the best talent on the team. The feeling of belonging and merging with an environment comes with understanding and working with different mindsets. An attitude that emanates a sense of interest in the idea of commitment towards the employer, a sense of duty that clearly embodies that no employee should knowingly or willfully bring harm to the employer’s business or have conflict at work, that is due to the polarity of their self interests.

As businesses mature and companies go through phases of metamorphosis, it generally becomes more complicated to practically achieve this balance. A growing and successful business is more often a result of multiple tough decisions and a constant wave of restructuring, hiring, firing and resizing teams. In the midst of all that craze, any layoff can become an ugly next day news headlines.

We have seen this happening now, more than ever that with a wave of dozens of large companies that managed to hire too fast, without analyzing practical expenditures Vs. true earnings, had artificially inflated valuations. All of that drama is coming to an end and we have observed some of the very popular companies crumbling under such pressures by being carelessly extravagant. Then begins a cycle of layoffs, resulting in angered employees, who would magnify any discrepancies a company has; sometimes publicly in press.

A bad press is what scares many large corporations, or we must say that it should. There are many examples that we can directly relate to, Theranos, Zenefits and Uber top the charts for controversies and employee dishonesty. The problems were not mainly related to employee loyalty but a major set back happened due to that. I always say and stress on this, that if honesty pays back, dishonesty can bite back when one’s least expecting it. To expect a loyal and honest employee that you could present as a gold star standard, the leadership in a company must portray a major share of those traits itself, to ensure that it is a give and take scenario. If this sensitive equilibrium is not maintained, a back lash can hit hard. Many companies don’t realize the implications of downsizing , it doesn’t just immensely mar their image but the benefits they expect to reap from that restructuring are too little, as compared to the negative vibes emerging in the market about them. A loss of trust and respect are the major areas where the race is lost. It is a better approach, we must say, to build business with a hiring process that is not fueled and forced by the investment or profit but rather is more focused towards the goals it meets, through a number of employees that is just “enough” for its needs. Hiring a team, to look powerful and influential or just because some investor pumped more money into the business, makes no sense.

We are an impatient society that has weird ideals and want quick results, even if that means you need to fake it at times. “The growth at all costs” does not necessitates that one deals their conscience for money. The founders who rise above and beyond that notion, not just acquire that equilibrium but earn a long lasting employee loyalty.

How many times do we see employees actually beginning businesses that are in direct competition with an employer, steal business secrets, unlawfully take confidential customer lists and supply them to the competitors, lure the existing customers towards a new business, some even conspire and cause massive resignations of the key employees from the company( e.g the Co-founder of hyperloop ), delaying a deal intentionally so that they could direct it to their maturing business, vandalizing records or computer files etc. All these actions are however, crimes punishable by law but by the time the law gets to them a substantial amount of harm has already been caused.

To put an employee’s duty under a proper law and boundary a  mechanism is in place and this law is called a “Uniform Trade Secrets Act”  This act clearly hinders any embezzlement of trade secrets by illegal means.

There is a wide array of laws in this regard like:

  • Computer Fraud and Abuse Act ( CFAA )
  • A non-competition clause, also called a ” non-compete clause, a restrictive covenant, or a covenant not to compete”
  • A non-solicitation clause
  • A confidentiality clause
  • A work for hire clause

The details of these clauses can be looked up, while no employer is immune to fraud and theft but a certain amount of research done before hand can save them from a lot of future trouble.

A few important guidelines to follow are:

  • Background checks, specially with teams that handle and maintain finances
  • Securing company’s financial records ( regular password changes )
  • Thorough review of the payroll records to check phantom employees
  • Adopt a code of ethics or policy manual that is publicly known by the employees
  • Try to get employee dishonesty insurance coverage

An employee’s loyalty is not just a definition of their personality, it is also a reflection of a good leadership guiding and training them to enhance the culture of a company.

WebHR: A Success Story

WebHRPoster30Like all SaaS startups, there was always a dream to make it “better” than ever before. A young aspiring graduate from the University of Minnesota relentlessly worked day and night and found out that his path is not normality in life but chaos.

Back in the days when SaaS and cloud was not heard of, an idea was tested in a third world country,  heaps of files with paper based records and ancient office norms for HR were completely changed. Some times, giving away the software for free to hundreds of not for profit organizations and educational institutes. The only reason for this madness was to upgrade the existing practices and putting these countries in line with Advanced technology of the world . The lunacy was not to have left the dream jobs offered at the most reputed companies but to build a ground breaking All-In-One Social Cloud Based HR that caters to everything from Hire to Retire. The day day it was launched, it received its first ever paid clients from three major countries of the world. Then there was no stopping it, revenue and money had never been an objective, the objective was to make things affordable, to provide what no other does and bring high quality advanced technology in different languages to the world.

WebHR, a first ever Scoial Cloud HR was created that spread its existence to 193 countries without any marketing tactic or expenditure. The path to success was innovation, changing and putting it at a pedestal where only some very reputable companies exist. With a team of ten to twenty dedicated people to begin with, our relations with our customers were not just strong but very personal, sometimes extensive training , which to this date usually costs them nothing, were given round the clock. The team would work diligently  in different time zones with little or no sleep. A “lean methodology” was our mantra and “Steve Blanks”our GURU. We were our own brand ambassadors.

Our freemium model, which was very  useful for thousands of companies around the world with ten or less employees was an instant success and conversion rates were phenomenal. We had zero people on marketing to begin with, as it was completely boot strapped and couldn’t afford expensive and fancier tools. The organic growth came into focus, the more we improved and expanded the system, the more customers started pouring in. Integrations and apps were built, all using no money, just one big crazy developer with sleepless nights, making miracles happen. The retention rates were great, the burnt out team would celebrate every time a new country was pinned on the WebHR map.

Every customer had one single feedback, you are giving away a whole world of HR at a very little price. We would press them to criticize and create support tickets within in the system and that is how we built a great software. Making it so secure that it could handle a company as low as five employees and as big as 30,000 employees.

The user interface was a big winner, the designs and layouts were sleek, sophisticated and so neat that no time was spent to set up an account. WebHR kept security its priority and worked on it, as the data was of paramount importance for every company and specially us. Our A/B testing kept on going but we never annoyed our loyal customers, our vision is to create workplace harmony and provide a social interactive mechanism within a company, providing them room for progress and promote company culture at all platforms.

WebHR is built on the principles of organic growth and lean methodology which has been a success in every possible way, landing it a top HR category leadership position at Get App by Gartner Globally. It is being taught as a case study at American University of Dubai and several other universities. It is a product built with honesty and perseverance , aimed to take over the world of SaaS and cloud HR.

WebHR raised rank in HR Leader category Globally by Gartner’s GetApp

Last week, Get App by Gartner released its quarterly ranking and WebHR is proud to announce that it was included in the top 25 HR Leaders Category. WebHR has had a continuous  upwards trend at Get App and has moved to #2 this quarter.


The unique five factor scoring, worth 20 points each, for a total possible score of 100. These factors include user reviews, integrations, mobile app availability, media presence and security. These being WebHR’s strong fortes moved and pushed it up the slots, in the midst of some great competition. Get App is pretty transparent and is independent of commercial interests and existing relationships that Get App has with App vendors.

Top Human Resources (HR) Software 2016 | GetApp

WebHR is a cloud based social HR that handles everything from Hire to Retire used by over 15,000 companies in 193 countries Globally. WebHR is a fully developed and trusted app, with multiple interfaces, such as web app, iOS, Android and windows 8 app. It is available in multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese & Turkish.

SaaS HR is a 22bn industry and it is estimated that by 2020 80% of Fortune 1000 companies will replace their existing HR software and adopt  a more futuristic and SaaS based HR. That is where WebHR comes in . It is a cost effective, feature rich HR solution, which handles complete recruitment, payroll, comprehensive graphs, performance reviews, leaves & attendance, employee tracking, time tracking, extensive employee profile, auto reminders and a detailed online job portal.

WebHR is destined to be a primary HR tool in the cloud

WebHR Cloud


HR Evolution And Employee Engagement



Talent management is a risky business and a lot of HRS rolled out in the market are not addressing the issue. the Human Capital Trends of the coming year are more focused towards redesigning the way companies work. The companies are wrestling to uplift their employees and create more opportunities to work towards evolving leadership.

The emerging desire to delve into the core HR dilemma, is to simplify the environment at work and taking the stress off the employees by cutting down on exorbitant amounts of information. There is an evident void when it comes to skillful leadership and world may start paying attention to that deficit as it moves on.

The shared learning mechanism has to amalgamate itself with corporate learning and eventually acquire the goals an organization is aspiring to achieve. The metamorphosis has to swiftly start working to close on the gap and drift towards the rising trends of more and more employee engagement so that the retention rates could improve. The specific targeted theme of a common company culture with uniformly inspiriting and empowering the people can be achieved.

A smart and capable HRS must have the capacity to deal with the hourly/contract workers and the complexities of dealing with their benefits etc. The present day talent is a lot different and needs to be catered to, more sensitively regarding the way it is evaluated, specially when the said employees have a temporary status in a company. The nitty gritties of scaling up with an explosive growth for an HCM is just as important as its services, the system must acknowledge that and respect it. The world has seen a rise of systems that rose too quick and collapsed under a heaps of such pressures.

The key is to move at a steady pace solving the real pains and not  mixing it up with insurances and benefits, since an HRS is there to solve more of the core HR related issues rather than being a broker. To deliver more than that, it is more of a race to be more compliant towards the things that matter, like innovative performance evaluations , engagement and leadership development roles. It must deliver value and strengthen the business by serving the company’s employees and forming well-oiled, well synchronized teams, fueling a mechanism of innovation and harmony.

A fine balance between a more sophisticated system and a more perceptive one is what can create monetary worth and a platform for employees to be more engaged, equipped and developed.

New immigration reform and its effects on HR

Immigration Reforms HR

It is a beginning of a new era, especially when you see the president telling you that you can stop hiding and come out and be proud of who you are. It is not a crime to be an immigrant and is certainly not one to hope for a better future, as it is a basic right of every human being. In fact it is not even a question of rights anymore when it comes to the skills of survival and only the fittest will.

The mind boggling scenario that pops up is how the HR is going to tackle this situation when things would start getting a bit too loud and out in the open. There will be a whole lot of legal framework that would need to be shaped up accordingly. The demand for an evolved much comprehensive solution is on the rise, everyone wants to know if their existing system has the capacity to deal with this. The answers aren’t quick and comforting. With a huge influx of people that would shift towards a legal status, they would require paper work for job entitlement as well. The quest for a larger more equipped mechanism is not a blurry farfetched dream, it has to be met on urgent basis or it can result into a major crisis. The work is tedious and fruits to reap are immense if done on the emergency basis.

The workload would pose a mega challenge but if the situation is so dire, there is also a promise of new and upcoming comprehensive Human Resource Management solutions in the market .Which means a whole lot of new wave of startups in that direction. The old fishes if they want to stay afloat will have to beat the upcoming tide with innovation. However, the problem lies solely in the hands of new companies and their tactful outlook at the policy introduced. The buzz word is that the investors are looking into it and are more than ready to take this task up, provided the company involved has the right amount of dedication to make it up to the mark. The gold standards are not just performance over here, it is about the cutting edge technology that would go behind it. Those that get their hand dirty now would prove to know that the timing is right.

As per the law all employers and hiring firms are essentially required to authenticate both the identity and employment eligibility of all regular, temporary employees, temporary agency personnel, and student employees which is called the INS I-9 form . Failure to act in accordance with with these requirements may cause in both civil and criminal liability with the nuisance of considerable fines ranging from $100 to $1,000 per hire. We can do the math! The hiring firms can get backfired at if they don’t deal with this promptly. What is the requirement of this new era? A system that catches all things HR under one platform that fulfills the needs of a company from Hire to Retire. The market as per our research falls short of such systems and need for one at the moment is far greater than ever.

There seems to be an emotional angle to it as well, all this might create a racial bias and disturbing conflicts can inflict grave disasters. It would require managers and HR legislative body to engage in conflict decree. It is about time the HR heads realize that avoiding bias is the way to go, it is best to revert to communication and neutralization.

All that illegal immigration plaguing the nation had to be dealt one way or the other and now is the time to introduce immigrant labor policies vividly so that long term implications regarding the reputation of the employers and hiring firms could be avoided as much as possible. Their will have to be a strong focus on diversity and issues regarding discrimination are going to be highlighted again and again.

Woes of an exempt and non-exempt employee


Are you wondering why is fate being harsh on you or if you are not organized enough to escape being an exempt. Let us delve into it a bit before we pass a judgment.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has a strict policy when it comes to who should be considered an exempt and makes certain that employees are never docked for the days they worked partially. Let’s keep in mind that, if an employee misses the work and has taken all of his Paid Time Off (PTO), the company has the rights to dock that employee’s pay. It is best advised to plan the time away from work and always try and leave at least a week of emergency PTO so that this doesn’t happen again. It is not fair to solely rely on time card machines and keep forgetting to clock in and out of the system, because they are entitled to make a reduction to the salary if you have not clocked in. So there comes another tip, always clock in and never blame the time keepers for the logs. It is better to find out about the company’s PTO plans before you start working so that there are no bitter feelings if there is a conflict of opinions. Some companies do not treat their management appropriately so it is best to find out whether you are EXEMPT or NON-EXEMPT and file a complaint with FLSA.

Never assume that the difference between exempt and non-exempt is salaried vs. hourly because if that is the description provided to you by your HR, they are either lacking the ability to fully understand the rules or they are people who have been hired randomly and are learning to cope with the complexities of HR on job. You must remember that PTO bank includes personal vacation days and sick days. Official holidays are separate, avoid working for companies which have very shady policies regarding your leaves and put a constant reduction on your pays and follow the rules that are defined by FLSA.

It is a clear division, an employee has to fall in either category exempt or non-exempt, which is not a title in itself but a way to decide whether someone is entitled to an overtime pay or not. FLSA has it sorted out and if in addition to the salary, the exempt employee receives additional pay such as a commission or bonus, such additional pay can be docked, consistent with a written wage deduction authorization agreement. As long as one is aware of the key differences between an exempt and non-exempt employee, it isn’t math anymore and is not hard to figure out which way a person would lean into.

Exempt positions are barred from smallest amount wage, overtime regulations, and other rights and protections enjoyed by nonexempt workers. Employers must pay a salary rather than an hourly wage for a position for it to be exempt. Typically, only executive, supervisory, professional or outside sales positions are exempt positions.

Nonexempt employees, as the term implies, are not exempt from FLSA requirements. Employees who fall in this category must be paid at least the federal minimum wage for each hour worked and given overtime pay of not less than one-and-a-half times their hourly rate for any hours worked beyond 40 each week.

Then there is tax liability, overtime, benefits and worker’s right differences. So it leaves a little to our imagination and is pretty conclusive, non-exempt employees reap loads of benefits under federal law and are more secure and protected than a non-exempt employee. It does come as a sigh of relief that the unemployment benefits are mostly available to both exempt and non-exempt employees according to their own particular state’s department of labor.

If it would come to which is better than the other, it might comfort a few if I could say that each has its own upside and downside. Some might want to be employed in nonexempt status to make sure they get wages for every hour they work. Others might just want the liberty that comes with paid positions. The majority of nonexempt employees are going to be subjected to more rigorous rules concerning things like relaxed time. Exempt employees can usually use up a rational amount of time relaxing without inviting snide remarks from the boss; nonexempt employees’ on the other hand are more closely observed, and given breaks only at pre-defined time frames during the work hours.

By and large, exempt employees are rewarded more than nonexempt employees, because they are likely to complete tasks regardless of the hours required to do them. If staying late or coming in early is required to do the job, exempt employees are frequently expected to do just that. Nonexempt employees typically work only the prescribed number of hours.

It really is a matter of opinion, which way you swing, taking into consideration the kind of lifestyle and your priorities both exempt and non-exempt categories can work in your benefit, if you have the right amount of knowledge towards the HR policies and the labor laws.

Ethics of Modern Day Motherhood in HR


All the hype about Apple and Facebook’s announcement to offer female workers egg freezing as a health plan benefit, there is a lot of noise about the ethics regarding this. It is a not a question of good or bad, it is about the modern day working women and the choices they make. It can be a huge factor in deciding how the world is going to look like in the future, whether it will be a lot of single or married women preferring to be childless or saving it for later. The Human Resource of Corporate giants have already decided for them and have suggested a whole new benefit plan in this regard. The bitter sweet side effects of increasing pressure on women to do well and beyond their scope. The horizons to any limits they might stretch are blurry and it is always a step into more and more if there is a choice. No matter what you believe is right or wrong you can always question the authenticity of the technicality of the procedure.

Let us just consider the pros and cons of the situation. For example a manager in a very prestigious firm decides to work till the end of her pregnancy and since she will be entitled to a paid maternity leave, it is always a loss to the company one way or the other. Even if she trains someone to replace her for that period of time there is always a question that comes to mind, what happens to that person after she is back, would you want her to continue or would you prefer the other manager to replace her since it is convenient. By law the company would have to hire the same person so all that juggling is a bit of a hassle. The last term of the pregnancy at work does decrease the productivity of the woman and there is only a little less than 60% of her efficiency compared to the work load. She might leave earlier because it is just natural for her to get tired too quickly and then might take some odd days off for her regular doctor visits. Then again we cannot doubt the fact that it is her prime time to carry a baby naturally and take care and nurture it while she is young and energetic. That is how it is designed to be for them, the earlier they have the babies the less chances of birth related complications and fetal abnormalities it is. The only problem in this whole scenario is how the HR department manages all this; they have a whole lot of home work assigned just to deal with pregnant women, their insurance, their leaves and then the paid maternity leave, all of which takes a toll on the company’s financials. This might be the reason that the corporate darlings want to have an option, not just for them but for the ladies that might just want to set their priorities straight and have a no-nonsense attitude towards work.

Women can have their own eggs frozen if there’s a medical issue that stops them from using their own but sadly the focus has been shifted to working women and is often used for women who aren’t ready for mother hood. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has their reservations about it. Mostly women have their eggs frozen because of medical issues, such as cancer treatment, that may affect their fertility. So it isn’t a simple procedure to follow at all and there are always risks of safety and efficacy and emotional turmoil it has over women. It creates more stress than relief, at least that is what most of the surveys say.

After the first IVF birth in 1986 it is reported that an estimated number of 5 million babies are born worldwide outside the norms of normal pregnancy, endorsing the IVF culture. Although vitrification, a new technique regarding this procedure has come up and is more potent when it comes to less damage to the egg and is not totally true freeze method. It is not that tricky when it comes to right age to do it because it is always better to have it when young, probably before you hit 35. The complications are almost similar to having an IVF and fetal abnormalities may not relate to the procedure itself and could have something to do with the person getting it.
The costs of such a procedure can range anywhere from $ 7,000 to $ 20,000, excluding all medication and doctors fees. Why would the companies go into spending such large sums of money just to keep women from having a baby at a healthy age. For some, it is not even a matter of choice – but the corporate world will go to any limits to fuel the economy.

This pressure has left a bitter feeling amongst a few factions of the society that look at it differently and have been actively debating the ethics and degeneration of the world’s perspective about success. The issue is far deeper than it seems and has a lot of room for discussions and solutions that present a win-win situation for all. The idea seems to be a bit sketchy but we can hope that the companies and women both thrive and co-exist without harming and breaching the limits.

WebHR Inbox

We are pleased to announce the launch of a New & Improved Messages System in WebHR | WebHR Inbox.

WebHR Inbox allows one-on-one communication as well as group conversations. Messages can be moved to a folder or deleted altogether. Employees can reply to a message, which will be shared with all recipients by email and in their Inbox.


Are You Hiring?

In state of hardly stable economy globally where people become jobless due to layoff by their employers, the market has again filled with two types of talents [Experienced & Fresher].  At the same moment the stable organizations are actively looking forward to hire a potential candidate and seem to find someone who just gets into the running wheel, fill the empty space and start delivering the type of benefit organizations expect from them.

HR Department having experienced HR professionals play a vital role in handling HR issues like identifying potential candidates for recruitment, managing existing employees, their leaves management, payroll all the way till performance evaluation etc. But not to forget that in majority of small and medium organizations the department at entire does not even exist or if it does then any additional costs of implementing technology is considered a liability. In most cases hiring is outsourced to external vendors where quality is compromised based on the budget quoted by them. And, if the technology is introduced the cost of having software to manage the recruitment process, employees and documents management, payroll management etc goes in thousands of dollars. (WebHR) not only makes it easy to manage recruitment process efficiently, but is also very cost effective. WebHR integrates with company’s existing website and creates a modernistic job portal; that makes it easy for the company to directly post job vacancies for candidates to apply directly into your system. A hassle free short-listing process never misses any CV and delivers the candidates exactly of the HR managers’ choice. Candidates can be given a specifically design test for their further screening and finally interviewed for the final decision. Once the right candidate is identified, one click of a mouse recruits that candidates and makes him part of the organization. No need to re-enter basic details just collect the documents on the go and bring him/her on the running wheel.

WebHR in the Cloud

We are moving WebHR to the Cloud.

On February 05, 2012, we are moving WebHR from regular hosting to a better, faster and more reliable cloud-based hosting. This will not only improve our service, but will be able to cater all of the future growth needs that WebHR will require in the future, considering the massive growth it has been recently receiving.

During this migration process, there may be some minor hickups, but our engineers are working hard to make the migration process as smooth as possible.

If you find anything unusual in the next few days with WebHR – please inform us at